Every day we are taking care of someone’s roof, whether it be a roof repair or a fully roof replacement or roof installation. And although we are busy with continual work, Houston is a massive expanse of homes, and it never fails that we can spot houses that will soon need work. These houses often do not have old roofs, but it is due to a lack of understanding on how to best protect the roof that will require roof work.
These issues are often avoidable, but it requires knowing what the problems are and why they can turn into problems in the first. So we have assembled a few need-to-know items that could greatly extend the life of your roof.

3 Ways to Protect Your Roof

    • Keep Gutters Clean: Keeping your gutters clean is absolutely necessary to protecting your roof. You may be thinking, “Yeah, but how does that affect my roof since gutters are on the side?” Your roof isn’t just about your shingles. When gutters are cluttered with old wet leaves and sticks, it can cause mold and rot which can cause your decking and siding to break apart. This rot can grow into further areas of your decking, which creates soft spots in the roof. These soft spots can eventually break through, even without something hitting the area, and this will allow rain to get into the interior of the roof and then into the ceiling. This will create mold inside your home, which is dangerous to breathe in. The ceiling will also become weak and could collapse causing a major mess. Gutters are important, and keeping them clean is more necessary than you might think.
    • Piles of Leaves and Needles: This is something we witness quite often roaming around Houston taking care of roofs. Leaves or pine needles that are piled on top of the roof can create rot, much like cluttered gutters. It is recommend to survey your roof every so often especially during the fall, winter and early spring months to make sure leaves have not congregated in certain areas of your roof. Your shingles and decking can suffer greatly if these leaves create soft spots from rot.
    • Get That Inspection: Everyone should go in for health inspection for their bodies. The same goes for your roof. An annual roof health inspection is a good idea to help ensure there are no major issues on the rise. Catching problems early can really help save you money. And speaking of saving money, at EZ Roof, our roof inspections are free.

Protect Your Houston Home with EZ Roof

Protecting your roof may go along the lines with the phrase: “Keep it clean.” Often, a clean roof will keep your home protected. If you think your roof may not be able to protect your Houston area home, then consider receiving a free inspection of your shingles and decking. Our roofing professionals service the Greater Houston area, including Sugar Land, Katy, Mission Bend, Cypress, and various other areas. Contact us today. We look forward to helping your roof protect you and your family.

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