If you’ve lived in Houston for at least a year, then you are well aware that the weather here is nuts. The Houston weather ranges from blazing hot to freezing, and includes everything from tornadoes, hurricanes, heavy winds, and hail. Needless to say, in a given year, your roof takes a beating. Now times that times 20.
That’s right. The average life span of a roof is 20 years. During that time, a Houston roof goes through a lot. It’s roofing shingles that take the brunt of the punishment from Mother Nature. This means that at least every two decades your roof should be replaced.
You might not agree that your old roof needs replacing. If you think your roof is fine for another few years, then be sure to check for signs that may show otherwise. Here are 4 sure signs that your Houston roof is done.

Signs of an Ailing Roof

  1. Curling: If you immediately thought of the weird Olympic game with a large stone disc, you would be pretty far off. We’re talking about when the edges of your roofing shingles start to curl up. This is a sure sign your shingles are too old.
  2. Cracking: This may be a little more difficult to check for compared to curled shingles. This typically requires getting on the roof or getting on a ladder to check if your shingles are cracked. If they are, then the next step for them is to break and leave parts of your decking exposed. For safety’s sake, we recommend letting one of our roofing professionals get on top of your roof. This is what we call a roof inspection, and we conduct those free of charge.
  3. Crumbling: This is pretty easy to spot. When shingles start crumbling, it typically leaves spots throughout the roof. Crumbling is a sure sign of age with your roof. Not only will the ends start to fall off, but the shingles could start breaking from the nails holding them into place. This would leave your decking exposed as well.
  4. Missing Granules: Shingles sort of feel like sandpaper. That’s because most shingles are covered with granules. When shingles show a lot of missing granules, this means they have taken a lot of wear and tear and are nearing their expiration date. It’s time to replace them. Missing granules also make your roof look unsightly.

Call EZ Roof for Your New Houston Roof

Don’t let your roof go to waste by putting off replacing it with new shingles and decking. A new roof will not only provide better health for your entire home, but will also increase the aesthetics of your home.
If you are uncertain how old your roof is or how healthy your shingles are, then call our Houston roofing contractor company today. We will schedule a convenient time to come conduct a roof inspection and then provide you with a detailed report on the health of your shingles and overall roofing structure.
Contact us today. We look forward to helping you with your roof.

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