Algae can easily affect the shingles on your roof. If you aren’t careful about removing it, it can cause damage to the shingles too.
It may seem strange to think, but roofing material supply companies have become extremely innovative over the decades. From creating ways to make shingles last longer to fending off UV rays, EZ Roof is proud to be a partner with several of these innovative roofing materials manufacturers, like Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and GAF.

Innovation Against Roof Algae

There are types of shingles that are algae resistant. Those types of shingles come with an AR on the package. If you live in an area of Houston that has a high moisture rate, or you’ve noticed that your roof or the roofs of your neighbors have algae growth, then you should consider this type of shingle.
EZ Roof can help make certain that you receive the perfect roofing shingle for your home. Our roofing professionals are completely knowledgeable about every product we provide. If you have questions about how the algae resistance works, we’ve got your answers. Wondering about warranties and life spans? We can answer those too.

Inspect Your Roof for Algae…for Free

Your roof may have algae growing on it. If so, it could lead to moss growth as well. Either of it could get in under the shingle and cause damage to the decking. This is why a roof inspection is so important.
A roof inspection with our Houston roofing company is free. We conduct a thorough investigation of the roof in its entirety. We check for soft spots, curling, crumbling, and other issues that affect the shingles. Then we provide you a complete report of our findings, if there are any to note. These inspections are vital, especially if you’re considering purchasing a new roof. Your home insurance company will want to know the state of your roof’s health. Also, when your insurance representative comes to inspect your roof, feel free to ask us to join in during the inspection to make sure nothing is missed.

Protect Your Roof with EZ Roof Houston

Protecting your roof is made with our Houston roofing company. Call us today if you need an inspection or a new roof replacement. If you are concerned about certain coloring on your roof, it may be algae. We’re happy to take a look.

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