One question we get a lot is how to know when it’s time for a full roof replacement, and when a simple repair will do. There are many factors that go into keeping your roof in great shape. Letting your roof go too long without maintenance can lead to long-term damage and expensive repair. Sometimes, however, it is just time to start fresh with a brand new roof. While you could probably continue to just do repairs, you are risking damage to the rest of your home by putting off replacement for too long.


As we have mentioned in our blog, the average lifespan of your standard asphalt roof is around 20 years. Since most homes in the United States have this type of shingle, it is a safe bet that if you are unsure of your shingle type, it is probably asphalt. The biggest tell of whether your roof is due for replacement or just simple repairs is the age. Any roof nearing the 20-year mark should be ready for replacement. Repairs on an aging roof are just a band-aid for a bigger problem. With an aging roof, a replacement is going to be a better investment in the long run, and will save you money in ongoing repairs.


Checking for visible outer damage is another way to gauge whether your roof is in need of repair or replacement. Visible damage means you should call us right away, in order to prevent more problems from occurring.
Some visible damage is mostly cosmetic. If that is the case, replacing a few shingles can return your house back to it’s its best. Visible damage can also be a sign of a deeper problem. Major issues below the shingles can mean your home is due for a full roof replacement. If your roof has suffered significantly it is typically more cost efficient to replace the roof instead of paying for repairs over and over again.
Whether it is a simple repair or a full roof replacement, we are Houston’s top roofing professionals. Give us a call to set up a roofing inspection today and keep your roof in perfect shape!

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