A deadly snowstorm swept through the state of Texas this February, bringing with it freezing temperatures, major snowfall and icy winds. Residents of the state found themselves stranded in up to 20 inches of snow.


Major Power Outages

This type of snowfall hasn’t been seen in the region for decades and the drastic drop in temperatures led to a surge in power usage, causing statewide power outages and blackouts. More than 150 million Americans were left in the dark as a result. The lack of heat in many houses caused many people’s home interiors to freeze over. In some areas, the water supply was cut off leading to residents having to boil the ice and snow surrounding them. The state’s wind power generation facilities were also affected thus worsening the effects of the storm.

These drastic and severe conditions led to President Biden calling for a state of emergency in Texas as some areas in the state saw temperatures drop to a low of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Texas wasn’t the only state affected by the snowstorm, the major weather system made its way to Tennessee, Kentuck, Louisiana as well as North Carolina.


20 inches of snow

The 20 inches of snow and icy conditions led to dangerous driving conditions across the state. Major traffic issues and collisions occurred as a result and many drivers were advised to stay at home. On one particular day, 120 car crashes were recorded in Houston alone. A major pile-up in Oklahoma City left nearly a dozen trucks and lorries on fire.


Deadly storm

The deadly weather conditions also claimed the lives of Americans in Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Louisiana and Kentucky. A family of two also died as they used their car to heat their home which unfortunately resulted in a carbon monoxide poisoning.

The state of Texas hasn’t seen this type of weather conditions in decades and are still dealing with the aftermath of this deadly snowstorm.

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