The state of Texas experiences its fair share of natural disasters from floods and wildfires to hurricanes and tornadoes. These weather conditions, as we all know, are no joke. They consist of violent winds, heavy rains and scorching blazes. And when these natural disasters aren’t wreaking havoc in the streets, the sun comes out with all its might, clocking temperatures in the triple digits. These weather patterns are sure to take a toll on your home and especially your roof.

Here are some of the top 3 roofing issues homeowners experience in Houston:



Blow-off occurs as a result of violent and consistent winds. Strong winds are able to lift and break roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, wood shakes and roof tiles. If you’re lucky you’d only have to repair a few gaps here and there in your roof but in more severe cases these winds can tear off an entire roof.



Scorching temperatures can absorb all moisture from your roof. This lack of moisture may lead to cracking, peeling and breaking of shingles and roof tiles. Roofs without a protective roof coating can also be affected by harmful UV rays which can further deteriorate your roofing materials.


Falling Debris

In a city that experiences severe weather conditions as much as Houston, falling trees and the like are a common occurrence. The violent winds during a major storm are able to ground things like trees, electric poles, flag poles and other major structures. When these structures are relatively close to your home and your roof, you run the risk of these structures crashing into it. This falling debris can cause major damage to your home and your roof and can put you and your family in harm’s way.


Not only is installing a proper quality roof essential to the safety and functionality of your home but replacing your roof when it is in poor shape is another thing you’ll need to consider as a homeowner. Frequent storms, old age, and everyday wear and tear can all contribute to a worn-out roof. Looking for exceptional roofing services in Houston? You can rely on EZ Roof and Construction is Houston’s leading roofing contractor. We’re here to help protect and maintain the quality of the roof over your head.



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