Roof repairs are simply part of owning a home or business. If you have owned a home or business for any extended period of time, then you most likely have experienced a need for roof repairs.
In Houston, the weather conditions are extremely unpredictable. Our city experiences harsh heat, heavy rains, hail damage, strong winds, tornados, and even hurricanes. All of these weather conditions can severely impact your roof. Here are some of the main issues that arise when weather affects a roof:

  • MISSING SHINGLES: Missing shingles can seem like a simple problem that can be ignored, but ignoring even one missing shingle can lead to other shingles missing. This exposure to the elements eliminates your roof’s first line of defense, making your roofing structure all the more susceptible to leaks and cracks.
  • LEAKY ROOF: An old roof experiences a lot of problems you want to avoid. One of those problems is a leaky roof. A roof with a crack or an opening can let water in, which can severely damage sheetrock, insulation and other interior parts of the home. This can lead to very expensive repairs.
  • SOFT SPOTS: The best way to find out if there are soft spots in your roof is by scheduling a roof inspection from EZ Roof Houston. A soft spot is a weak area in the roof that can lead to collapse in the area. This often requires replacement of the shingles and the roofing structure in the area.

Whatever your roof problems are, EZ Roof Houston can handle them. Our roofing experts have seen it all when it comes to roofing concerns. If your roof has problems that need to be addressed, then contact our Houston roof company today. We have been serving local home and business owners for nearly a decade.

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