Whenever inclimate weather comes around, which is often here in Houston, there comes the looming concern of property damage. You prepare your windows, you prepare your car, but are you preparing your roof? Keeping your roof well-maintained by getting your annual roof inspection can help you avoid major repair projects and keep your shingles from suffering severe damage.


Make sure to regularly inspect the state of your roof to make certain there is nothing that needs to be fixed. Our team is happy to come out and conduct a professional roof inspection to ensure all your shingles are properly nailed and nothing seems weak, damaged, or out of place. Shingles that are in great shape are more likely to withstand major wind from hurricanes, heavy winds, and storms.
Recently repaired roofs are much less likely to suffer damage than roofs with loose or old shingles. They can also prevent water damage to the rest of the roof during storm season. We can help you avoid more damage in the long run by scheduling annual roof inspections before or during storm season. With hurricanes hitting anytime between June and November, there is never a bad time to keep your roof in the best possible shape.


While all roofing materials can be susceptible to damage from storms, some are more likely to withstand hurricane force rains and wind than others. Replacing your roof with higher grade shingles is the best way to receive maximum protection for your home.
When you call for your annual or semi-annual roof inspection, ask us about upgrading your roofing materials to higher grade shingles for better protection against wind and rain. Don’t forget that things like our hot Houston sun can also cause roofing materials to break down more quickly than in moderate climates. High grade roofing materials are a long-term investment for the safety and quality of your home. A quality roof replacement with EZ Roof Houston can help prevent the need for expensive roof repairs when storms hit Texas.


Give us a call today to set up a roof inspection with our team of Houston roofing professionals. We are here to help with anything from continuing roof maintenance to a complete roof upgrade. Keep your roof strong this storm season with EZ Roof.

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