Choosing the right roofing company to repair and replace your home’s roof is one of the important decisions that you need to make as a homeowner. You need to weigh several factors before you sign any contracts.

You need to know if your contractor is licensed, whether they have insurance, subcontract their work, how much experience they have, and what previous customers think of their work.

It’s just too easy to get ripped off by a roofing company. They’ll often scour for unsuspecting homes and then charge them exorbitant amounts of money without ever providing the services they deserve in return.


If you think your roofing contractor is ripping you off, carry on reading as we detail the common signs of a roofing scam


Bait And Switch

The bait and switch are what happens when a roofing contractor offers you an irresistible deal that’s lower than other companies in your area. When they have you hooked, the costs usually steadily increase as soon as you’re signed on to their contract.

It’s easy to spot these types of scams because their costs are usually significantly lower than every other roofing company. With enough research, you’d be able to determine the standard asking price for specific roofing work and thus not get caught in a bait and switch situation.


Storm Chasing

Storm chasers are roofers who have just come into town after a storm has passed, looking to make a quick buck. You can usually tell that someone is a storm chaser because they go door to door pointing out roofing issues on homes, hoping that some unlucky homeowner takes the bait and hires them.

Because they’re usually from out of town, it may be hard to find references for previous work they’ve done, and they most likely won’t have the necessary paperwork to complete a roofing job in your area.

Their roofing work is of low quality, and they often tend to disappear with your money without finishing the job.


Large, Upfront Payments

If a contractor wants you to make large upfront payments on the first day of the roofing project, the chances are high that they will run off with your money. Unfortunately, many homeowners have suffered the fate of fraudulent roofing contractors running off with their money.

When working with a professional roofing company, the standard practice is to pay your roofer periodically. This maintains a level of trust between the homeowner and the roofer and makes sure that no one is scammed out of their money.


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