If you drive through any neighborhood worth its spit, then you’ll most likely see a wonderful, yet most likely slight variation of roofing shingle colors on the houses. At EZ Roof, we love seeing the many different colors that make houses pop with style and elegance. Our Houston roofing company also provides every color available on the market and from only the very best companies in the market.
Owens Corning is the top brand for roof shingles, and every year they select/create their Shingle Color of the Year. This year’s 2019 Shingle Color of the Year from Owens Corning is Black Sable, which is a beautiful compilation of “black with gray, umber brown and a hint of sable”. For any house that is looking to stand out with a classic style, this is the selection you may want to choose.
The company’s previous two years have also great selections with Sand Dune and Sedona Canyon.

EZ Roof for Shingle Installation

Every roof installation is prepped with a thorough roof inspection to check for any issues that may arise, but it is also done to check the exact square footage so that we can accurately assess how many shingles the roof will require. Once you choose the type of shingles and the color, we will order and schedule the time to come conduct a quick and professional roof installation. Most of our jobs are completed in a single workday.
With so many colors to choose from, our roofing professionals will help you make the right choice for your home. We have been helping Houstonians with their roofs for more than a decade. We take care of every roofing situation, including roof repairs, gutters, and brand new roofs.

Get the Roof You Want

Don’t wait around when it comes to getting your roof replaced or repaired. A new roof in Houston can make your home stand out beautifully, and will ensure your home is protected from bad weather, which can cause storm damage.
Contact us today and schedule your new roof installment with the perfect brand, type, and color.

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