The summer season brings with it a lot of issues for your roofing, but roofers know how to handle them. As the temperature rises and heat becomes more intense than ever before, we need our roofing systems protected against all factors that come into play this time of year. It is, therefore, crucial to understand what type of roofing problems you can expect when temperatures are at their highest.

Just because the winter has passed, it doesn’t mean your roof is safe from compromise. A roofing system is something that requires continuous maintenance throughout the year – even during the summertime. We know this all too well at EZ Roof & Construction, and our years of experience have helped us identify the most common summer roofing problems in Houston.


Heat Damage

To keep your rooftop looking good for longer, it’s vital that you inspect your roof regularly for any faults and issues. Without adequate maintenance, the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun will gradually weather your shingle roofing, resulting in them drying out and cracking. Additionally, prolonged exposure to extreme heat conditions can cause your shingle roofing system to crumble and lose its protective granules, leaving your rooftop exposed to the elements.


Algae and Moss Growth

One should never underestimate the harm that moss and algae can cause on your roofing system and in your home. If left unchecked, moss and algae can spread to the point of damaging your roof’s structure, entering your interior, and creating breathing difficulties for you and your family. It’s our advice to have your roof inspected for moss and algae growth to avoid them spreading during the warm, humid summer.


Compromised Gutters

Gutters are an essential part of your home’s roofing system. They keep your rooftop healthy and water-free. They’re primarily responsible for transporting water away from your roofing system. However, when they’re no longer capable of performing their job, it becomes a significant issue for your roof. As soon as you notice any problems with your gutters, contact a professional roofer for help.

The best time to assess your gutters is during the dry summer months, when your gutters are provided with a moment of relief from the wet winter weather conditions.



Summertime is ripe with new opportunities for animals to find a home. One such opportunity may be your roof, which can provide an ideal space for cats and rodents in particular. However, the presence of these creatures on your property presents problems over time. They have been known to damage rooftops to create their nesting area, and their droppings can also lead to foul odors and bacteria in your home. To avoid this unpleasant situation from developing, contact wildlife specialists as soon as possible – they’ll safely remove any pests you have residing in your rooftop.


Continuing Leaks

It’s recommended to have your trusted roofing company assess your roofing system during the summer months. The dryer weather makes leaks easier to spot, and having them fixed before the rain comes is crucial.


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